History of Jackdaw

Jackdaw is a watchmaker founded by Filipino entrepreneur Paolo Sarmiento. While having no prior familiarity with how watches are made, Paolo happened upon a feature about the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner; one of the most renowned watches in history. The elegance of its form paired with its versatility when accentuating diversified styles would later become the basis of his designs. His fascination further deepened when he went beyond appreciating the science behind timekeeping to learning the art of watchmaking. Out of the dozens of international watch brands in the Philippines, only a small fraction are in the wooden category. Moreover, there are even less Filipino brands which can rightly call themselves official watchmakers of any category. Paolo saw this as an opportunity to make waves in the industry by harnessing the potential of the often underestimated and underrated element that is luxury wood.

“Most watch designs are a dime a dozen, and I didn’t want to be just another face in the crowd.”

Inspired by this newfound knowledge and armed with the wisdom gained from years of start-up experience, Paolo set out to create his very own watches. The concept of his models was based on his belief that genuine sophistication is the result of three factors: candor, refinement, and grace – all Jackdaw watches are created to accentuate this amalgamation. They are crafted to shape the substance of subtlety, displayed to reveal the structure of cohesion, and worn to brandish the essence of aesthetic.

Jackdaw embodies the notion of elegance and style as an expression of individuality. We believe that the pursuit of self-identity is among the most courageous acts a person can do. Uncovering your potential is a journey which demands a willingness to evolve into the best version of yourself while remaining grounded and dignified. Our watches are designed to complement the lifestyle of those who recognize this as a subtlety of sophistication and dare to truly “Live, not just exist”.


At Jackdaw, we serve to connect with our customers on a personal level and empower them to express their individuality and inspire ambition through designing, creating, and distributing wristwatches made of only the highest quality materials.


To become a dominant player in watchmaking in South-east Asia through a customer-centric approach to business and to transform the way people connect through our products and brand.

Jackdaw watches are crafted using high-quality materials imported from all over the world. Following the early drafts of each design, the type of material is then taken into consideration according to appearance, stability, weight, finish as well as its history. We ensure that the manufacturing of a single watch is done with each peso put into its cost in mind for maximum economic efficiency and aesthetic. We are determined to give you the value of the amount you paid and more.