In recent years, wooden accessories have become trendy and refined, especially when adorned with accents and matched with other wooden accessories. Wooden accessories are appearing on everything from eyewear to belts, though the crowning achievement may be the wooden watches. Fashion influencers all over the globe have embraced the stylish medium that is becoming a leading medium in the fashion industry. Listed below are the top benefits of wearing a wooden watch.




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1. You’re doing your part to save Mother Earth.

They are made from one of the most renewable resources we have: Wood!

Wood is a magnificent resource, it is renewable, sustainable, and grows naturally all around the world, and there simply is no shortage of wood. Wood requires less energy to process when creating products from it. If you didn’t know it already: wood absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, therefore by wearing a wood watch, you are removing chemicals from the air. While wood watches are becoming a very popular accessory in the fashion world, they are also extremely eco-friendly. Since wood is a sustainable resource that grows naturally, the production of these watches creates a significantly lower carbon footprint. Wood also has the natural tendency to store excess carbon dioxide from the air, so by wearing a wood watch, you are helping to remove these chemicals from the environment.



2. Be the center of attention

This is fairly obvious, but it’s true. We guarantee that if you purchase a Wooden Watch, you will get many complementary questions, compared to wearing a standard metal watch.



3. Wooden watches are non-toxic/chemical-free

Having wood close to the skin on a regular basis means that your skin absorbs whatever it coats the wood’s surface. Artisans create the best wood watches out of chemical-free and non-toxic materials and finishes. Make sure that  your contact with a wooden watch does not result in your adding harmful side effects to your everyday life. A thing of beauty like a wooden watch should definitely add only good things to life, never bad. Thanks to improved crafting processess and better finish formulas, buying a wooden watch doesn’t have to involve health hazards.



4. Hypoallergenic

If you’re having issues with metal against your skin, wood watches are the perfect alternative

Many people have metal allergies that they are either acutely aware of or do not discover until they start wearing jewelry. Metal allergies can discolor the skin and cause severe irritation or rashes.

Often, it means that some people cannot wear the finest jewelry with the purest of metals simply because of histamine reactions in their skin cells.

With a wood watch though, metal allergies are never a concern.

Both men and women can enjoy attractive jewelry in the form of wooden timepieces with beautifully crafted wristbands and backing.



5. Wooden watches are nickel-free

The effects of nickel allergies are harsh for those wh enjoy wearing a fine timepiece on their wrist.

Nickel is the primary metal used in backplates of most digital or mechanical watches, making them a deal breaker fo anyone who has ever had an allergic reaction to nickel. They deal with breakout blisters that swell and burst, then the blisters become irritated by dirt and grime.

Enter the wood watch.

The backings of all wooden watches contain no metal, so anyone can easily wear a wooden watch even with a nickel allergy.

Suggest a JACKDAW wooden watch to someone you know suffering from a nickel allergy, or better yet purchase one as a gift to them and give them the joy of wearing a watch that is grand enough for even the most formal occasions.





6. They’re one of a kind

No two wooden watches made are the same

One of the best features of a wood watch, is how they’re all different. Every wooden watch is unique not just because it is handmade, but it’s because working with wood, it is impossible to make two pieces look the same. When you purchase a wooden watch, although it may be from the same production, the watch you purchase will be crafted using different parts of the wood, creating a variance in the grain and hue.




7. Rarity

How many people do you know own a wood watch?

The opportuniy to wear something unique, unusual, and common that adds a touch of class and sophistication to your wardrobe rarely presents itself in this day and age. When you drape your wrist with a JACKDAW, it instantly becomes the object of admiration and often disbelief. Get used to hearing the refrain “Cool watch, it looks like wood… Oh, it really is wood!”

In addition to being particularly unusual to see when people are out and about, wooden watches are also completely individual thanks to the natural variations in wooden grain. No one else will have a watch identical to your own.

No matter what major brand watch you buy, be it Swatch or Rolex, anybody can  buy one exactly like the one you have.

Only wooden watches are IMPOSSIBLE to duplicate.




8. 100% Natural wood

This is the most obvious point we can make: Wood Watches are made from REAL wood!

Few possenssions we carry everyday contain the natural look and feel of wood. We are surrounded by plastic, treated leather, synthetic fabric, metal, and glass. So much of our everyday products are manufactured, processed, sterile, and emotionless.

When we add wood accents to our daily lives, be it in the form of a card holder, a pen,or most especially an item we look at frequently such as a watch, we maintain a connection to the natural world amid all the artificial things that surround us. While we may not always control the environment in which we must spend the majority of our time, we can still carry little pieces of a more natural place with us wherever we go.

Regardless, it definitely helpe to carry a wood watch to hang onto your connection to the Earth in the urban jungle.



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9. Like fine wine, they age well

Unlike the owners, they just get better with age

Wood is an amazing material, its colors and textures improve over time. As soon as you put on your watch, your skin’s natural oils gradually change the wood. If you have ever seen a 5-year old Wood watch, you will be amazed at how it looks. Unlike plastic and metal watches that wear down over time, wood watches age beautifully.



10. Craftsmanship with a story

Not just a watch

This amazing piece of art will elevate your overall look to higher heights! It is amazing that such a small item as a watch can make a significant difference to your overall appearance. JACKDAW is not only known for the craftsmanship that goes into each design, but the stories that can be told about the materials used.



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11. Pristine and minimalist design

We wisely chose to craft our watches by leaving the natural wood grain, streamlined shape, and uncomplicated face to be the main points of our Wood Watches.





12. Wooden watches, a timeless accessory

Watches are one of those accessories that people will never stop wearing and with so many high-tech and inventive watch designs, watches made of wood were a needed and refreshing change to watch collectors. Celebrities like Mariel Hemingway, Paris Hilton, Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams, Rachel Wood, Victoria Beckham, Colin Firth, Cristina Milian, and Black Eyed Peas have been seen wearing wooden watches. While the watches come off as luxurious, the price tag surely isn’t. Wood watches are quite affordable which has helped its broad appeal for shoppers who are looking for unique accessories that are stylish, durable, and affordable.




13. Easy to maintain

Wood is a brilliant material that with the right care, can look beautiful with minimal effort. We recommend that keep your wooden watch looking gorgeous: Simply apply a dab of lemon or olive oil with a cotton cloth in brisk strokes. Then gently rub it in until there is no residue left. This should be done at least once every 2 months.




14. The perfect heirlooms

Wristwatches such as the range of wood watches from JACKDAW are not just the perfect gift, but they are the ideal heirloom. When taken good care of, wood will last for a very long time and ages beautifully. Watches can mean a lot and stand the test of time. Being able to own a timepiece from a different time is a remembrance of the people who came before you. This does not mean that the watch is worth a small fortune, but what it resembles can mean so much more.





15. They go with just about ANYTHING!

It doesn’t matter what you are wearing , what color scheme you’re going for, or where you are going, wood watches always look good. Unlike metal watches, which normally are worn to dress up, or plastic watches, which are worn for recreation. Wood Watches can be worn almost anywhere. Wood has an amazing color and texture, and since it’s natural, it looks great. It does not matter if you are out in a bar, on the beach, at work or in a suit. You can wear a JACKDAW with just about anything.





16. FUN FACT: The traditional gift for a 5th Wedding Anniversary is Wood!

We have just solved problem of finding that perfect 5-year anniversary gift with a wood watch! There is no need to give a chopping board, wooden spoon or plaque. It’s time to give something a little different, stylish and unique.



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17. Durable and lightweight

Wood is one of the lightest and most durable materials on earth

As soon as you put on a JACKDAW, you will notice how comfortable it is compared to metal or plastic watches. It may not seem like a big issue, but metal watches are surprisingly heavy. If you’re always at work, you will notice that the weight can put unnecessary strain on your arm. Wooden watches generally weigh half of a standard metal watch. They are extremely lightweight and durable, making them a great choice for those with a busy and active lifestyle. As soon as you slap that JACKDWA on your wrist, you’ll be able to notice a significant difference in weight right away. Unlike traditional metal watches that are known to change temperature in various climates, a wood watch will never accidentally burn your wrist.




18. Wooden watches are not sensitive to heat

Wooden watches are not affected by the various temperature changes like metal watches are, and while we’re comparing the two materials, wooden watches happen to be much lighter too! There is something about wood watches that feels so good when you’re wearing it because it’s comfortable and because it is a true display of nature’s beauty. Keep in mind that not all watches are made entirely of wood, and many are combined with other material but the part of the watch that touches your skin is made of wood. Even those that have stainless steel backs are covered with wooden flaps along with a wooden strap.




19.Wooden watches are bleeding-edge fashionable

There is fashionable, and then there is so fashionable it’s still partially underground.

Wearing a wood watch on your wrist gives you that something extra that so many crave and fail to achieve in terms of making a statement or standing out from the crowd.

Distinguish yourself with the accessory that never fails to attract comments and compliments.

Whether your preferred look is ultramodern formal or more casual and natural, a wooden watch in the right color tone with the right finish can perfect any outfit with just the right finishing touch.

Add something that sets a new standard for fashion among your friends and colleagues, adn get yourself a JACKDAW.






20. Wooden watches are truly a testament of those who wear them.

Wood is a very dynamic material, and those who wear wooden watches over time will notice that the color will begin to evolve. Unlike metal watches that wear down over time, wooden watches actually look even better the longer people wear them. The natural oils on their skin personalize the wooden watch to its owner. This is another great way to own a watch that is truly unique and different than all other watches.

A watch is not just a tool to tell time because it makes a statement about the person who wears it. People who wear wooden watches are typically in tune with nature and have a great sense of fashion. Anyone who is looking to purchase a new watch should definitely consider the many benefits of purchasing a wooden watch. Not only are they economical, environmentally sustainable, and useful, but they are also a remarkably unique work of art that is personalized to each person who wears it.


Thanks for reading.


Stylishly yours,

The Jackdaw

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Photograph by: Jav Velasco